Xiaomi patented a smartphone with two screens

The idea to offer two screens in a smartphone is not new and periodically visits the minds of company engineers. Similar devices were made by HTC, YotaPhone, LG, Meizu, Hisense, Nubia and Vivo. But not one of the two-screen smartphones has gained much popularity, the idea has not entered a wide audience.

Despite this, Xiaomi is among those who are considering releasing a smartphone with two displays and finding original functionality for an additional matrix. This was reported by network informant @_the_tech_guy, who published patent documentation with sketches of the original mobile phone.

In the understanding of Xiaomi engineers, this should be a device whose front panel is almost completely given over to the main screen. At the same time, there are no cutouts and recesses for the selfie camera. From the back, the smartphone has a large screen, above which are the camera modules. We already saw a similar performance in the Vivo NEX Dual Display.

Xiaomi patented a smartphone with two screens

It is worth recalling that the presence of a patent does not mean at all that the company will necessarily be engaged in its implementation. Quite often, promising developments are not implemented in practice. What will be the fate of this idea, we will learn only on the basis of those devices that the company will release in the next couple of years.

Source: twitter.com

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