Xiaomi is considering creating its foldable RAZR with a flexible display

For several years, rumors circulated around the network that Motorola will release a new generation RAZR, which will be implemented in a folding case with a flexible matrix. Finally this day has come, and today the updated Motorola RAZR has been unveiled.

It is worth noting that this is the first smartphone with a flexible display, made in the clamshell form factor. How long he will hold the title of a one of a kind with such a design is unknown. There were suggestions that the Samsung Galaxy W20 5G would be executed in a similar way, but in the end it turned out that we would see one of the versions of the Galaxy Fold.

Xiaomi is considering creating its foldable RAZR with a flexible display

Perhaps Xiaomi will release its clamshell with a flexible panel. At least, such an idea appeared in the heads of the company's engineers and a corresponding patent for such a device has already been filed.

Patent documentation indicates that one of the features of the smartphone should be an internal flexible display, folding horizontally 180 degrees. On the outside there is an additional small screen on which, most likely, information about the time, date, incoming calls and notifications will be displayed.

There is a slight indentation above the flexible matrix, where the speaker, front camera and notification indicator will be built. The main camera offers two image sensors.

If such a Xiaomi device comes out, then definitely not now. At this stage, smartphones with flexible screens are expensive, the technology itself has not been brought to perfection and now the company has on its agenda to bring to mind Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha.

Source: gizmochina.com

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