Xiaomi has found a way to combine a SIM card and a memory card

Today, many manufacturers in their smartphones offer support for memory cards, but this is achieved through a hybrid slot. This means that the user is faced with a choice, use two SIM cards or prefer one SIM card and microSD card. Not everyone likes this compromise, and they would like to see a full-fledged slot for memory cards.

Xiaomi has found a way to combine a SIM card and a memory card - photo 1

Xiaomi has its own solution to this problem. Moreover, in the 5G era, the volume of stored data will increase. The company received a patent for a 5G-enabled SIM card, which can also act as a data storage device. Judging by the patent documentation, it will be a hybrid or a sandwich, where on one side there will be a SIM and on the other a microSD card.

Xiaomi has found a way to combine a SIM card and a memory card

The idea itself is not new, and in 2019 a similar solution was introduced by the Chinese company Ziguang. True, at the moment it has not been implemented. Perhaps it will work out with Xiaomi.

The release of such a card will not only lead to the fact that the user will be able to fully use two SIM cards and get additional space for storing information, but also simplify the procedure for transferring data when changing a smartphone.

Recall that this is only a patent and there is no guarantee that it will be implemented. At this stage, the company is only experimenting and looking for ways to solve the problem of storing user data.

Source: ithome.com

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