Vivo NEX 3 Snapshot Shows Display Waterfall

Oppo company is preparing for the announcement of a smartphone with a waterfall display, the hallmark of which are the side faces bent at an angle of 90 degrees. When the announcement takes place and with what name it will debut, the manufacturer keeps secret.

Vivo NEX 3 Demonstrates Display Waterfall

According to network sources, the owner of the screen-waterfall will be another product from the BBK “daughter” – Vivo NEX 2019 and his photo has appeared on the network. The picture was taken so as to visually show the main advantage of the smartphone – a curved side edge. There are no visible physical keys on it and, perhaps, a special touch area will be allocated for them or they will switch to gesture control.

Also noteworthy is the lack of a cutout for the front camera. This may mean that the smartphone may receive a retractable selfie module or it may come to the realization of the camera under the surface of the display.

Vivo NEX 3 Snapshot Shows Display Waterfall

Oppo has already announced a similar technology earlier, but announced that it is not yet perfect and needs to be improved.

It is expected that the Vivo NEX 3 will receive the SoC Snapdragon 855 Plus and the manufacturer has confirmed support for NFC and 4G / 5G networks.

At the moment, it’s still not clear when the Vivo NEX 3 debuts, what characteristics it will receive, and how much in the end the manufacturer will ask for a smartphone.


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Sketches of Vivo NEX 3: "display-waterfall" and a round main camera

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