The latest iPhone SE successfully passed the test of strength (video)

The latest iPhone SE successfully passed the test of strength (video)
Apple has just unveiled its second-generation budget iPhone SE 2020 at a reasonable price. The design of the smartphone case is similar in appearance to the case of the iPhone 8, but the electronic filling of the gadget is taken from the modern iPhone 11. The novelty was immediately tested using a variety of tests.

Zear Nelson, the author of the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, who conducted his traditional strength test, also put his hands on the iPhone SE 2020. Opening the box with a red smartphone, Zack showed a complete set of delivery from Apple, which in addition to the smartphone itself includes a charger (5 W) and wired headphones.

The first test traditionally began with scratching the screen with objects of different hardness. The surface of the screen is resistant to objects whose hardness is less than 6-7 points on the Mohs scale. Consequently, a smartphone can be carried without fear in a pocket with keys and a trifle. The fingerprint sensor also passed the test of Zach Nelson.

According to the test results of the "electronic Frankenstein" iPhone SE, which combined the iPhone 8 case and the technology of modern iPhone, the tester concluded that the build quality is high. The presence of plastic components in the device will facilitate the replacement of the display.

When tested by fire from a lighter, the screen turned black at the place of heating, but quickly returned to its original parameters. Screen performance has not been affected. The compact casing of the iPhone SE 2020 passed bending testing with flying colors.

The test of the iPhone SE 2020 left Zach Nelson with a good impression of the most affordable and affordable Apple device. . (tagsToTranslate) iPhone (t) Apple (t) smartphone screen (t) (t) Company (t) test (t) modern (t) New (t) immediately (t) become (t) diverse (t) help ( t) gadget (t) tests (t) passed (t) Nelson (t) case (t) taken (t) most (t) stuffing

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