The blogger demonstrated the unpacking, installation and operation of Apple Pro Display XDR for 10 thousand dollars (video)

The blogger demonstrated the unpacking, installation and operation of Apple Pro Display XDR for 10 thousand dollars (video)
Apple recently released a new high-performance Mac Pro with the Pro Display XDR for maximum color accuracy. The new monitor will also provide the ability to watch video in 6K resolution and is designed to work with professional programs.

Video blogger Marquez Brownley demonstrated the process of unpacking, editing and the first experience with the Pro Display XDR monitor, the cost of which without the stand bracket is $ 5,999. The display comes in a flat standard white cardboard box.

Inside the package is the display itself and three separate boxes in which the accessories necessary for work are supplied: a black power cable, a Thunderbolt cable also black and accompanying documentation with a branded cloth for wiping the surface of the monitor from nanotextured glass. It should be noted that modification without a special monitor cover costs $ 1,000 less. Also in the package there are stickers with the Apple logo.

The sides of the Pro Display XDR display are flat and the back is made in the style of “grater” grids typical of the Mac Pro. The separately supplied Pro Stand bracket is priced at $ 999 and features an original and convenient magnet mount for quick installation and convenient operation.

After turning on the monitor, the blogger noted that the Pro Display XDR works absolutely silently, and the Pro Stand provides quick, easy and convenient adjustment for an individual workstation and a specific user. Moreover, the display can be easily reoriented from landscape to portrait orientation with a single latch on a magnetic mount, and the orientation of the image on the screen automatically changes without user intervention.

After watching the video on the monitor, Brownley said that the Apple Pro Display XDR has very wide viewing angles, but there are slight distortions when changing the position of the screen. In general, the blogger noted that the new device has an effective, simple and convenient adjustment system and excellent color reproduction, however, in his opinion, the display price is somewhat overpriced. .

Lee Bryan

Lee Bryan

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