Sony PlayStation 5 features and release time announced

Quite unexpectedly, Sony confirmed its plans to release the next generation of the game console – PlayStation 5. The premiere of the console is scheduled for December 2020 and the start of sales is scheduled for the "holidays". Most likely, we are talking about the fact that on the shelves of stores the prefix will appear during the Christmas holidays.

Sony PlayStation 5 features and release time announced

Players will find a new interactive user interface that allows real-time display of multiplayer missions, recommendations for their passage, as well as information about the awards and trophies that await gamers.

The controller will receive adaptive triggers with tactile feedback, guaranteeing the realism of the sensations from the events. For example, the user will be able to tactilely feel the return from the boom or vibration from the SUV, overcoming difficult rocky terrain.

The transition to 100-GB Blu-ray discs is announced and all games will be installed on the built-in solid-state drive. It is the installation of a new generation SSD that will become the main hardware change in the game controller.

Sony PlayStation 5 features and release time announced - photo 2

With it, the company changed its approach to storage, making the installation and uninstallation process more customizable. It is also promised that the user will be able to remove individual components. For example, a story campaign after its completion.


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