Pocophone F2 will appear in 2020

Last year, Xiaomi turned a feint when it took the coolest processor in the Android world and installed it in a smartphone that incorporates the features of mid-range devices and even state employees. So the Pocophone F1 was born, which the company began to sell in record runs around the world.

Pocophone F2 will appear in 2020 - photo 1

The idea to offer the most powerful chip at the lowest price appealed to users, and they began to wait enthusiastically to continue. There was even talk that the Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro are the Pocophone F2 and Pocophone F2 Pro, which will go to conquer the world. This did not happen, but the Poco sub-brand reassured fans that the Pocophone F2 was there, but most likely already in 2020.

Skepticism about the future fate of the “daughter” reappeared after Jai Mani left the post of head of Poco. Analysts even started talking about the fact that Xiaomi abandoned this project.

Pocophone F2 will appear in 2020 - photo 2

The worst forecasts did not materialize and yesterday one of Xiaomi's top managers posted a post on his Twitter page in which he promised that "you will hear more about Pocophone in 2020." Alas, no specifics about what is hidden behind the word "more." But predictions are already being made that it is about the Pocophone F2, and its debut will take place next year.

Source: mydrivers

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