Pat the blogger: YouTube’s new initiative

Applause – the latest chip from YouTube, which is currently under testing. This is a kind of donation. Only 2 dollars and with the help of applause you can show your approval or appreciation, as well as thank the author of the video. To purchase this service, a separate button is highlighted next to the like and dislike.

If you wish and with available funds, your appreciation and generosity can be demonstrated several times. So, a day you can buy "applause" for $ 500, and for a week – $ 2000. It turns out that a total of 1000 applause can be acquired within a week.

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Of the funds received, 30% is retained by YouTube, excluding mandatory fees. Everything else is sent to the creators of the content. At its core, “applause” is an alternative method of monetization, which, according to Google, will stimulate the development of channels and help their creators increase revenue from their content.

At the moment, the “applause” function is available only in Brazil, India, Australia, USA, Mexico, Korea, Japan and New Zealand. Whether this list will subsequently be expanded is unknown. As there is no certainty whether this chip will take root and whether there will be many who will be ready in this way to thank the creators of the content for their efforts.

Source: theverge

Lee Bryan

Lee Bryan

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