Oppo has patented a flexible device with a niche for a smartphone

Oppo has patented a new type of device with a flexible display. Letʼs Go Digital published the patent, offering to evaluate the manufacturer’s vision regarding the possibility of implementing a folding device.

Oppo has patented a flexible device with a niche for a smartphone - photo 1

Oppo is experimenting with a device that resembles a tablet with a flexible matrix on the outside, and a hinge mechanism helps to fold it. Interestingly, one of the halves of the gadget has a compartment that allows you to fit a smartphone into it.

Oppo patented a flexible device

Information from the screen of a mobile device can be displayed on a flexible matrix of the tablet, and the connection is via USB. Patent documentation shows that the gadget with a flexible matrix performs the functions of an additional monitor, allowing you to display a picture on a larger screen.

Patent documentation indicates that the folding device from Oppo has its own hardware platform, battery, there is support for NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Such functionality indicates that an external monitor can be used without connecting it to a smartphone and its own battery will allow not to drain the battery charge of the mobile phone.

Oppo has patented a flexible device with a niche for a smartphone

At the moment, there is no understanding whether the commercial version of this device will see the light of day, when it can happen and how much the manufacturer will appreciate its flexible creation.

Source: nl.letsgodigital.org

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