New MacBook feature to extend battery life

New MacBook feature to extend battery life
Increasing the battery life of a laptop is one of the priority tasks of developers seeking to provide maximum convenience when working with modern laptop computers. Apple representatives announced the introduction of the latest Battery health management function, which optimizes the battery charging process, which extends the time of its effective operation. Currently, this feature is already available for developers, and after the release of macOS Catalina 10.15.5 build it will be available to all users.

The main objective of Battery health management will be to extend the life of the laptop battery, which is achieved by reducing the rate of chemical aging. This effect is achieved due to incomplete charging of the battery. It is known that maximum charge over time leads to a quick reduction in the effective battery life. Some models of modern smartphones using special applications have already implemented the ability to prevent 100% battery charge.

The Battery health management function will cause the display of a 100% charge level of the battery not to indicate the maximum charge level, but will signal that a charge level has been reached that provides the optimum charge for extending the battery life. According to the developers of Apple, the new feature will allow you to charge to such an optimal level, which, on the one hand, will extend the battery life, and on the other, will not have a serious impact on reducing the battery life of the laptop. Developers do not indicate a quantitative decrease in battery power when implementing Battery health management capabilities.

During the optimization process, a new feature on the MacBook will take into account the operating conditions of a particular device and analyze many parameters of the laptop’s operating history. In particular, the history and modes of charging, the temperature of the battery and the environment, and the load conditions on the processor will be taken into account. As a result of the analysis of all data, the maximum battery charge will be optimized to extend its performance.

In the new macOS Catalina 10.15.5 update, the battery optimization feature will be enabled by default and may be disabled in system setup modes. Analysis of the battery is carried out on a laptop, and the data is sent to Apple only with the consent of the user to access this information. However, anonymity mode is still maintained.

Battery health management is available for laptops with Thunderbolt 3. Thus, all MacBook Pros built after 2016 and MacBook Airs released after 2018 will be able to optimize battery performance.

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