Named the cost of OnePlus 7 Pro

Of course, it’s not good to count money in someone else’s pocket, but few people refuse to know the cost of a smartphone, as well as the margin that the manufacturer lays in the price tag on a mobile phone. The network has kindly leaked the price list for the OnePlus 7 Pro components, which has become the most expensive flagship in the entire history of the company.

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The calculation showed that the cost of the smartphone was $ 324.21. For comparison, the hardware of the Samsung Galaxy S10 + was estimated at $ 420. The most expensive component of the OnePlus 7 Pro is Samsung's AMOLED panel – $ 80.08. The cost of the display for the Galaxy S10 + is $ 86.50.

The flagship platform Snapdragon 855 – $ 70 costs the manufacturer not cheap. The remaining basic components are: LPDDR4X 6 GB RAM – $ 26, three rear camera sensors (Sony IMX586, Sony IMX481 and Samsung S5K3M5) – $ 27.29, 128 GB flash drive – $ 20 and a front-facing (Sony IMX481) – $ 8.78.

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At the moment, OnePlus 7 Pro in version 6/128 GB give for $ 669 and it is not difficult to calculate that in the price of a smartphone the cost of components is slightly less than 50%.

But do not forget that we are talking about building the "iron" component. It must be remembered that the development of software also has its price. No one has calculated how much money is spent on the development of OxygenOS.

Another advertising, marketing, promotion and support, because competition in the market is tough and you need to be able to sell your product.


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