IPhone SE performance compared to iPhone 8, iPhone Xr and iPhone 11 (2 videos)

IPhone SE performance compared to iPhone 8, iPhone Xr and iPhone 11 (2 videos)
Exploring the possibilities of the latest and most affordable smartphone iPhone SE from Apple. The manufacturer initially declared that many components of the smartphone were taken from the previous iPhone 8 model, as enthusiasts immediately became convinced by disassembling the device. For example, the iPhone SE camera is exactly the same as the iPhone 8, however, due to the higher performance of the top-end A13 Bionic processor, the photos on the new gadget turn out to be better.

The next step in exploring the capabilities of the iPhone SE was to compare performance with the prototype of the iPhone 8, and newer smartphones iPhone Xr and iPhone 11. The experiment was conducted on the iAppleBytes YouTube channel. A comparative analysis of the capabilities of the first iPhone SE series released in 2016 was also conducted.

Testing passed in the usual mode: on smartphones selected for comparison, standard applications were launched, which allowed to compare the speed of devices and evaluate the animation effects. Then on smartphones we checked the work with more “heavy”, gaming and special applications.

The test result shown on the YouTube video was easily predictable. Using the latest processor affected the launch of applications, responsiveness and animation, which are much better in iPhone SE 2020 than in iPhone 8. However, the speed did not show significant changes and the models showed approximately the same results.

When comparing the iPhone SE 2020 with the seemingly more advanced iPhone Xr model, it turned out that when the application was launched and the animation was smooth, the “Apple budget” showed better results.

According to the results of comparing the iPhone SE 2020 with the iPhone 11, in which the same A13 Bionic processor is installed, it was also found that a cheaper smartphone worked somewhat faster during the launch of applications. However, during longer work with applications, it turned out that the performance of both smartphones is almost the same. .

Lee Bryan

Lee Bryan

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