In December, four 5G smartphones will be announced. What platforms will they receive?

Given the rapid growth of 5G networks worldwide and especially in China, it is not surprising that the number of smartphones with support for fifth-generation networks is multiplying. The premiere of at least four models is scheduled for December, which can boast of having a 5G modem.

Among the debutants, Huawei Nova 6 is listed and it is not difficult to guess that it will be based on the Kirin 990 5G processor. But what chipset in the end will get the Redmi K30 is still a mystery. With its next prediction, the well-known insider Ice Universe disappointed those who counted on installing Qualcomm's SoC.

In December, four 5G smartphones will be announced. What platforms will they receive? - photo 1

On his Twitter page, the techno-spy published a thematic picture, where he showed the union of which smartphone builders and chip makers are waiting for us. So, he confirmed that Vivo will release a mobile phone based on a processor from Samsung. This is not news, because earlier the manufacturer itself announced the release of the Vivo X30 with the Exynos 980 chip.

But Xiaomi will make friends with MediaTek. It is assumed that the bet will be made on the SoC MediaTek 6885 and this will be one of the available devices on the market with support for 5G networks.

Oppo will release its 5G smartphone. It may be Reno 3, which will be awarded the platform from Qualcomm and, possibly, it is a Snapdragon 735. By the way, according to the forecasts of the American chip maker, at least 225 million 5G smartphones can be put on the market next year, in 2021 their number will be 450 million and in 2022 – 750 million units.


Lee Bryan

Lee Bryan

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