Huawei's new store: Apple's design and next to the Apple store

Huawei opened its retail store in Barcelona last week. And this is the second company selling point of the company in Spain. Its visitors are offered a glimpse into the future of electronics, and they also want to surprise with a stylish design and a new working principle. However, according to the reviews of those who managed to visit the store, it is decorated in a style that surprisingly resembles the one that Apple stores offer.

Huawei's new store: design by Apple and next to the Apple store - photo 1

Not everyone liked this plagiarism, and they accused Huawei of explicitly borrowing the ideas of the company from Cupertino regarding the design of the retail space. And this is not the only such store in the Chinese company – a clone of the Apple store. The “apple” style is traced in the design of the Huawei Global store in Shenzhen, China.

Huawei's new store: design by Apple and next to the Apple store - photo 2

The area of ​​the Huawei outlet was 750 square meters, and it occupies two floors. An amazing “coincidence” is that the Chinese company opened its store just not far from the Apple brand store. It looks like a challenge and "to the peak" of the competitor.

Within the walls of the new store, Huawei offers users to get acquainted with its technologies. In particular, special stands and equipment were installed, the task of which is to show the current developments of the company and demonstrate their advantage.


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