Huawei has patented a smartphone with cameras in a separate hinged unit

The last few years, smartphone manufacturers have been fighting for the maximum display area on the front panel. One of the obstacles to achieving the goal is the front camera. Smartphones are taking various tricks to solve this issue.

Huawei has patented a smartphone with cameras placed in a separate hinged unit - photo 1

ASUS with its Zenfone 6 went on to offer a folding camera that can perform the functions of the front and rear modules.

The implementation of the hinged module also occurred to Huawei engineers. The network has information about a patent that was registered with a company in the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Huawei has patented a smartphone with cameras in a separate hinged unit

The illustrations that accompany the patent documentation show a full-screen smartphone with a swivel module on the back. It was decided to abandon the implementation of the front lens, and you can create a selfie through the rear camera, which leans back 180 degrees.

Three image sensors and an LED flash were built into the hinged module itself. Such a solution in theory should lead to the fact that users will be able to create self-portraits, which in their quality will not be inferior to photos taken on multi-module main cameras.

Whether this patent will find its implementation in a commercial smartphone is unknown.


Lee Bryan

Lee Bryan

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