Huawei has patented a foldable cot

Motorola Razr smartphone was officially unveiled last week. An experimental, exclusive and unusual mobile phone has been released. But this is a model that is designed to make noise in the market, you can’t count on decent sales.

Huawei has patented a foldable cot

The very idea of ​​a clamshell with a flexible matrix looks promising and it is likely that in the future we will see more such devices. So, it is known that Xiaomi is considering creating such a smartphone and has filed a patent for it.

Patented a clamshell smartphone and Huawei. Outwardly, this is a typical mobile phone of the Huawei P family, but only longer. And only the profile picture of the gadget gives an understanding that it is made in a folding form factor.

Huawei patented a folding folding bed - photo 2

It is also noteworthy that the smartphone has no front-facing camera and there is no additional screen on the outside that would allow you to create self-portraits when the device is folded. However, the sketch itself does not look realistic, because on the back you will not see the place of the fold.

Huawei has patented a folding folding bed - photo 3

Will we see a future Huawei smartphone in this design, there is no exact information. After all, this is a patent, and, as you know, not all developments and ideas are realized in finished products.


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