Huawei boasts 10 million EMUI 10 users worldwide

Since September of this year, Huawei has been actively distributing an update of its EMUI firmware to version 10 on both Huawei smartphones and Honor smartphones. Last month, the company announced that the number of EMUI 10 users in the international market has finally stepped over one million after several weeks of mailing the update. As expected, the number of EMUI 10 users continues to grow exponentially after the announcement of this achievement.

Huawei boasts 10 million EMUI 10 users worldwide - photo 1

Today, Huawei has confirmed that there are already more than 10 million EMUI 10 users worldwide, and the firmware itself has been extended to 33 smartphone models. The company boasted a tenfold increase in its user base in less than a month.

Huawei boasts 10 million EMUI 10 users worldwide - photo 2

Without a doubt, this figure will continue to grow, given the large number of Huawei and Honor smartphones on the market. This year alone, the Chinese manufacturer, according to various estimates, intends to sell about 230 million smartphones.

Despite the continued U.S. government trade ban, Huawei has decided to stick with the EMUI 10 update schedule to provide its users with the best mobile experience.

Huawei boasts 10 million EMUI 10 users worldwide

Earlier this week, the company also launched a stable EMUI 10 update for the second batch of smartphones, consisting of 14 different models. If you have not yet received an update on your device, the company asks you not to worry, and promises that it will come to you as soon as possible.


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