Huawei began testing its search service

Since mid-2019, Huawei has not been on the blacklist of the US Department of Commerce, which deprived them of the ability to license Google services for new devices. Due to this circumstance, Huawei has changed the strategy for launching new smartphones, focusing on rebranding existing, pre-certified devices. In parallel, Huawei is working on its alternative to Google Play Services.

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One of the applications that are currently missing on Huawei devices without Google is a regular search engine. However, this will change soon, as Huawei is beta testing the Huawei Search app.

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Huawei is recruiting users in the UAE to test the new Huawei Search app. An APK file is attached to a forum post. Unlike the Google App, which provides access not only to the Google search engine, but also to Google Assistant, etc., Huawei Search is the basic search application that allows you to simply enter a query to search the Internet for web pages, videos, news articles or images.

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The application has a shortcut of the current weather. There are also “sport”, “unit conversion” and “calculator” labels. In Settings, the user can view the search history (or disable it), give feedback, change the region and language of the search, switch the safe search. The app also supports a dark theme.

One of the questions testers tried to answer was which search engine is running Huawei Search. Users could not find a match between the search results of Huawei Search and the search results of Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and Yandex. This fact suggests that Huawei may not be using a third-party search engine. At the moment, the application seems rather limited in its capabilities, and the service itself seems to be intended only for use on Huawei smartphones.

It would be premature to say that Huawei Search is an alternative to Google search, but one way or another, I wonder in what direction the brand will move further.


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