Google: “Don't update Huawei devices yourself”

In May last year, the US government blacklisted Huawei, which directly affected its working relationship with Google. Now, new devices from a Chinese company cannot be certified to work with the Play Store. In anticipation of the release of new devices, Huawei Google published a big statement for consumers about the situation, as well as recommendations not to install and update applications by downloading APK-files from extraneous resources.

Google: “Do not update Huawei devices yourself” - photo 1

A statement intended for consumers came after Google asked about Huawei's new devices. In particular, about how you can get unofficial access to Google applications and services on these non-certified smartphones by downloading installation files through third-party sites.

Google: “Don't update Huawei devices yourself” - photo 2

Officially, Google recommends that users do not download Google applications and services “from the outside” because of the “high risk of installing an application that has been modified or tampered with in such a way that it could compromise the user's safety.” In addition to security concerns, Google cannot guarantee the reliability of such an application.

Google: “Do Not Update Huawei Devices On Your Own” - photo 3

The company is particularly concerned that the buyer of the new Huawei device will want to access familiar Android apps such as YouTube. The company fears that, turning to unofficial Google-services, ordinary users may not understand the risks associated with this.

Despite the general stress, a temporary license was issued in the United States that allows Google to work with Huawei, but only on security updates for existing device models.


Lee Bryan

Lee Bryan

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