Google doesn't want you to install Chrome extensions on Microsoft's Edge browser

Not so long ago, Microsoft's proprietary browser was considered the most inhibited and unreliable solution among competitors. However, after the company transferred its Edge browser to the Chromium base, the attitude towards the work of the “small soft” ones began to change for the better. But despite the fact that this transition has a lot of advantages, Google warned Microsoft Edge users that Chrome extensions cannot be installed in the browser.

The authors of Windows Latest noticed the appearance of a banner that Google recently added to the new version of the Chrome Web Store. This banner indicates that the user is going to install the extension for Microsoft Edge, and directly tells the user that Google recommends switching to Chrome instead of Edge in order to "safely" use the extension.

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It seems that the Chrome Web Store defines Microsoft Edge, distinguishing it from other browsers built on the basis of Chromium, like Opera and Yandex.Browser.

This warning does not affect the ability to install Chrome extensions on Microsoft Edge, but simply warns users against this action. Apparently, this is just a Google scare tactic, as the company does not provide any security breach consequences when using Chrome extensions on Edge.

This is not the first time Google has blocked services on Microsoft's new Edge. For example, the Stadia service is completely blocked, and warnings regularly appear in other services of the Corporation of Good, like Gmail, YouTube Music, and others.

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You may find that Google is somewhat unjustified. However, if you look at the history of the relationship between the two companies, Microsoft also put sticks in the wheels of its "competitor". In the past, Microsoft has warned Windows users not to use Google Chrome. Microsoft even wanted to force some users to use Bing as their start page in Chrome.


Source: Windows Latest

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