Google asks the White House to lift the ban on working with Huawei

Among those who were the first to excommunicate Huawei from US technology due to US sanctions, was Alphabet Corporation, which includes Google. Failure to comply with the requirements of the White House could leave the company sideways, and she understood it well. The search giant itself remains calm and until recently, nothing in its actions betrayed concern that it had to excommunicate Huawei from the GMS version of Android.

Google asks the White House to lift the ban on working with Huawei - photo 1

But the enthusiasm with which the Chinese company was striving to create its own ecosystem cannot but worry Google. After all, if Huawei manages to offer its own services and an operating system that are viable, there is no guarantee that other Chinese companies will not join this initiative and we will not witness the birth of the Chinese version of the GMS version of Android.

Google asks the White House to lift the ban on working with Huawei

Moreover, within the framework of the unfolding trade war with the United States, the Chinese government can support the initiative of Huawei and will stimulate the transition of other companies to a rival Android platform. If this scenario begins to develop, at least the Chinese market Google may lose. And with it a decent share of income will go away.

Huawei seems to be doing pretty well, and Google understands that. Aware of the impending threat, the company turned to the US government with a request to allow it to resume full cooperation with the Chinese company. She asks for a general license to work with Huawei. How soon the appeal will be considered is unknown.


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