Exclusive: Huawei Pay will come to Ukraine and Russia this year

After Huawei got on the US sanctions list, one of the main questions was what the new devices will be like now and how the company will cope with the fact that its smartphones have lost Google services. Users outside of China are focused on receiving an Android-based mobile phone with all Google services, and their absence is perceived as a significant flaw.

Exclusive: Huawei Pay will come to Ukraine and Russia this year - photo 1

It should be understood that the lack of Google services is not only the inability to work with the Play Market, applications and services from Google, but also with various APIs that allow you to work with other programs, including geodata and mobile payments. Google Pay is one of the key components that suddenly became inaccessible to users.

Exclusive: Huawei Pay will come to Ukraine and Russia this year - photo 2

At this stage, Huawei is actively working on a new ecosystem, an integral part of which should be HMS services that can replace similar Google services. This is not only an independent App Gallery app store, but also navigation, push notifications and mobile payments. So, users are invited to make contactless payments through Huawei Pay.

At the moment, this service does not work in Russia and Ukraine, but the company is working to bring its payment service to these countries. Exclusively for the Andro news resource, one of Huawei employees said that this year Huawei Pay will come to Russia and Ukraine. If this happens, then users of the new Huawei smartphones without Google services will be able to make electronic payments.

Lee Bryan

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