Apple will pay up to $ 1.5 million to search for vulnerabilities in its products

Just yesterday, we talked about the fact that OnePlus launched a vulnerability search program, in which it will pay for detected bugs and the maximum amount of reward will be $ 7,000. Apple has its own reward program for those who find “holes” in iOS, but the amount of rewards there is an order of magnitude greater.

Apple is one of the wealthiest IT companies in the world that has everything in chocolate. Therefore, it can well afford to pay large rewards for searching for vulnerabilities. The other day, the Cupertino concern made a number of fundamental changes to the rules, expanding the circle of those who can take part in the program and increase the amount of bonuses.

Apple will pay up to $ 1.5 million to search for vulnerabilities in its products

So, if earlier only certain categories of developers could join it and it covered only bugs in iOS, now everyone can participate in it, and now its action extends to iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS and iCloud.

In addition, Apple increased the amount of the maximum reward to $ 1.5 million, whereas previously the maximum that anyone who found the bug could count on was $ 200 thousand.

Highly appreciates the concern from Cupertino and the detection of “holes” in beta versions of firmware. He promises an additional bonus of 50% for any error that will be found in the test assembly.

For those who are interested in this program, this link will find the entire price list of rewards for the vulnerabilities found.


Lee Bryan

Lee Bryan

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