Apple will not use new connectors on MacBook

Apple will not use new connectors on MacBook
Entering the market for new Apple laptops always raises many questions from users regarding the design and technical solutions. Phil Schiller, one of the company's executives, Apple’s vice president of marketing, tried to answer these questions, explaining why the developers did not provide a card reader and other interfaces in the models of the 16-inch MacBook Pro laptop.

Most of all, users were worried about the possibility of adding new connectors to laptops in addition to the available USB Type-C / Thunderbolt 3. In the future, the answer was categorical – no new ports are planned.

Schiller calls the main reason for this decision the fact that as a result of a long analysis, the developers were convinced that the majority of MacBook owners use USB Type-C and Thunderbolt as the most productive and powerful connectors, which also allow charging. For those users who need to read SD cards, Schiller suggested using adapters and said that the company made the best choice, does not intend to abandon it.

Noting the merits of the new MacBooks, the manager pointed to the laptop’s innovative speaker system, which received 6 speakers providing incredible sound quality for laptops. He also noted a more reliable and unpretentious scissor system of keys, which came to replace the traditional “butterfly”.

Commenting on the use of touch screens in the MacBook, Schiller said that Apple would never take this step, since this niche is occupied by another company product – iPad.

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