Yandex.Phone sales completed

Last November, Yandex.Phone was presented to the public. The Arima Z2 smartphone from the Taiwanese ODM manufacturer, which once produced mobile phones for Sony, was taken as the base model.

Since the price of a smartphone was inadequately high, and he did not offer any unique chips, it was interesting to watch how this model will be sold.

Yandex.Phone sales completed

And now, the Kommersant publication reported that the sale of Yandex.Telephone has been completed. All smartphones have been sold out and a total of 18 thousand handsets have been sold. Retailers did not hide the fact that sales actually failed and the demand for a smartphone was low.

So, in a week of sales, only 200 units were sold, and in a month barely managed to sell 700 units. To revive demand, in February of this year the price tag was reduced by 4000 rubles (starting price of 17990 rubles), and in June, stores offered to buy a smartphone for 9990 rubles. The latest samples were given for 6995 rubles. As a result, such dumping of prices allowed to sell the cherished 18 thousand devices.

Among the shortcomings of Yandex.Telephone noted average performance, inexpressive design, software and high cost. Among the device’s advantages, only Alice’s voice assistant and subscription to Yandex.Plus services were noted.

The very same company "Yandex" believes that the experiment with the release of the smartphone was successful. In her opinion, the bet on the software component did its job and the market was shown in which direction the company could work with smartphone manufacturers. Following the results of the project, Yandex will decide where it will move further, now it is not ready to share its exact plans.


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