Xiaomi: MIUI will be the coolest firmware

Since the release of MIUI, as many as nine years have passed and there are many who consider it one of the best shells in the world. But, like any other product, it has its own omissions and shortcomings.

Xiaomi is constantly improving its proprietary firmware and experts are at a loss for guessing about innovations in updates, while insiders will not always find out about the chips of the new version of MIUI before its announcement.

Xiaomi: MIUI will be the coolest firmware

At a recent developer conference in Beijing, Qiao Zhongliang, deputy general manager of the company, decided to talk about a shell development strategy for the next 2-3 years.

Naturally, he limited himself to general phrases and the promise to make MIUI “the coolest firmware.”

For itself, Xiaomi has set a goal to bring the branded shell to the leaders in the field of intelligent systems, and it will find its application in a large number of smart gadgets. It will be based on the principle of creating a “smart life experience with a human core” and a high level of security.

The plans include the creation of a wide range of applications and a bet on artificial intelligence. The company will open a number of system capabilities and platforms for developers, and this will be done in order to create the next generation Internet.

Source: ithome.com

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