Xiaomi Mi Watch got water protection

Two days ago, Xiaomi introduced a smart watch called Mi Watch, the design of which follows the Apple Watch. Like most other wearable gadgets, Xiaomi Mi Watch is able to measure the pulse and track user activity. There is a microphone, speaker, GPS-successor, NFC-chip and the watch works on Wear OS with a proprietary MIUI for Watch shell.

Xiaomi Mi Watch received protection against water - photo 1

But, as it turned out, a number of parameters of the novelty remained behind the scenes. One of the company's top managers on his page on the Weibo network talked more about smart watches.

Xiaomi Mi Watch, Xiaomi CC9 Pro

In particular, he named those cities in China where there is eSIM support and recalled that the autonomy of the gadget during normal use is 36 hours. Not the most impressive duration of work, but a Xiaomi representative said that the Mi Watch has one of the best autonomy among other wearable gadgets on Wear OS.

Xiaomi Mi Watch got water protection

But the most important thing that the top manager of the company spoke about, Xiaomi Mi Watch received protection from water. In particular, it was announced about the ability to swim with the clock in the pool and in other shallow water. Neither the diving time nor the class of protection of the device was said.

If desired, the Xiaomi Mi Watch strap can be replaced, but the company is campaigning to use official straps.

Source: gizmochina.com

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