Xiaomi Mi Band 3i fitness bracelet debuts tomorrow

Together with the fashion for a healthy and sporty lifestyle, wearable gadgets began to be popular, allowing you to track physical activity.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3i Fitness Bracelet Output

Among the most sought-after include Xiaomi Mi Band fitness trackers. Soon, replenishment will occur in the lineup of wearable devices – the premiere of Xiaomi Mi Band 3i. And it will happen on November 21 in India.

Little is known about the gadget. The name itself may indicate that, in terms of its parameters, the fitness tracker will occupy an intermediate position between Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3i fitness bracelet debuts tomorrow

In most characteristics, it will resemble Mi Band 3, but something of the functionality can be borrowed from the fourth generation of a wearable gadget. We will learn more about the parameters of the device tomorrow, and the company should also announce in which markets they plan to sell it.

The start of sales of Xiaomi Mi Band 3i should take place on December 1 and in honor of this event the company will arrange a 5-kilometer run in Bangalore, as well as those who wish can make a trekking trip at a distance of 3 km. Everyone who takes part in these events at the finish line will receive the Xiaomi Mi Band 3i for free.

Source: gizchina.it

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