Xiaomi Mi 10 on the official promo image and it will get an improved cooling system

Xiaomi has been operating according to one scenario for many years, and in winter or spring releases its title flagship of the Mi family. This year, Xiaomi Mi 10 will become such another top-end device and its premiere is scheduled for February 13.

A few days before the announcement, the company decided not to make a secret of smartphone design and published a render demonstrating its exterior. The device retained the design language of the predecessor and Xiaomi Mi Note 10: the back of the novelty almost completely repeats the look we already knew from other smartphones. Of the differences from Xiaomi Mi 9, it is worth noting the appearance of the fourth image sensor.

They did not completely get rid of the cutout in the display bent along the edges. Only the "drop" was replaced by a round hole. The fingerprint scanner is integrated again into the screen. In general, the design of Xiaomi Mi 10 can be called calm and not out of the crowd. Before us is the almost typical flagship of 2020 in terms of exterior and hardware.

Today, Xiaomi also considered it necessary to report that the flagship will receive a liquid cooling system. The company claims that they carefully thought out the design of the case, which promotes efficient heat dissipation, and artificial intelligence allows you to adjust the "thermal design". Created a cooling system using graphene, copper and graphite, and also has a matrix temperature sensor.

The former vice president of Meizu Li Nan shared his opinion about Xiaomi Mi 10, saying that the new product has two features that make it look forward to. First of all, this is the Snapdragon 865 chip, which should offer impressive gaming capabilities.

Xiaomi Mi 10 on the official promo image and it will get an improved cooling system

But an excellent hardware platform is not all that a smartphone needs. A display with a high refresh rate, an efficient heat sink system and other elements should work in unison. Otherwise, according to Li Nan, high processor performance will be wasted.

As the second distinctive feature of Xiaomi Mi 10, the former vice president of Meizu called the support for video calls at the hardware level.

However, Li Nan warned that the cost of Xiaomi Mi 10 will not be cheap. But the price increase, in his opinion, is justified in the current conditions and taking into account the characteristics that the smartphone will offer.

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