Xiaomi builds its factory for the production of 5G-smartphones

Today in Beijing, the World 5G 2019 conference kicked off, dedicated to the development of fifth-generation networks. During the event, the head of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, spoke about the fact that the company is building its factory for the production of 5G smartphones. The new plant will be able to produce at least 1 million devices annually.

Xiaomi builds its factory for the production of 5G-smartphones

The factory itself is being built in one of the industrial areas of Beijing. The devices will be assembled on large-scale automated production lines using innovative solutions that will achieve maximum efficiency. So, it is expected that 60 mobile phones will go off the assembly line every minute and this is 60% more than the volume of production in traditional factories.

Lei Jun did not forget to recall that the company makes big bets on 5G and plans to give an impetus to the rapid development of devices that can work in fifth-generation networks. So, for 2020, the premiere of 10 models with 5G support is planned and all smartphones with a price tag of over $ 300 will receive the corresponding communication modems.

Recall that the 5G-mobile phone will release Redmi, it will be the Redmi K30 and the premiere is scheduled for December. It is expected that the chipset from MediaTek will be the basis of the new product.

Source: news.mydrivers.com

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