Why Microsoft Surface Duo got Android

The other day, Microsoft held a presentation, which showed a number of new products, including a Surface Duo smartphone with two displays. At the presentation, the company announced that the new product was created in collaboration with Google, which allowed it to add “the best of Android”, but with a number of chips from Windows 10X.

Why Microsoft Surface Duo got Android

The company itself does not consider the Surface Duo a smartphone. According to Microsoft Product Director Panos Panay, “phone is a restrictive word,” which does not reveal the full potential of the device. For the company, the novelty is the founder of a new segment of devices, an attempt to change and move the industry forward. This is a more creative and functional device than regular smartphones.

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According to Panos Panay, the choice of Android is dictated by the fact that with this operating system, users will have access to already familiar and popular applications. He is skeptical that an alternative platform with the same capabilities may soon appear.

Panos Panay said that the company is not going to revive its own mobile operating system in the future. The main reason is the ecosystem that they failed to create. Plus, he said, it’s foolish to ignore the popularity of Android and a large number of applications.

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And, according to him, the operating system is not the most important element for them. For them, experience and applications are more important. It is important that developers create software specifically for devices with two screens.

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Microsoft's top manager assured that they plan to continue to cooperate with Google in improving software for their new devices, where the bet will be placed on two displays.

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