Why HTC smartphones ceased to be popular and which way the company will go further

The smartphone market is a territory with fierce competition and capricious users with high requirements for devices. Just a couple of misses and the business goes downhill, and once loyal fans easily switch to competitors' products. This happened with HTC, whose smartphone business is dying long and painfully.

Why HTC smartphones ceased to be popular and which way the company will go further

The company began to be buried in 2013, but it still brings new products to the market in an attempt to regain its former glory. Previously, HTC was innovatively thinking, which allowed it to be mainstream in the smartphone market. As a result, this advantage was confused, while competitors did not doze off and introduced various innovations.

This, according to the new HTC CEO Yves Maitre, has become the main cause of failures in the mobile device market. Instead of focusing on mobile phones, the company focused on virtual reality devices and the main innovations from HTC fell on them.

The company's top manager admitted that they made a serious mistake at the “wrong time." HTC paid dearly for this error, now you need to catch up and catch up with competitors. Fortunately, the company has enough strength, groundwork and resources to recover.

Nevertheless, virtual reality gadgets will remain the main products for HTC, but it will not refuse to create smartphones. The manufacturer plans to focus on developed markets with high GDP, where 5G networks are actively developing.

This means that HTC plans to continue to create flagship devices targeted at solvent users.

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