What does one of the experts say and how is Samsung Galaxy Fold trolling

You can fold your smartphone for $ 2000 without any problems. But for heaven’s sake, keep nails, keys, coins, and liquid away from him. It was with these words that Jeffrey A. Fowler, columnist for the world famous Washington Post, began his appeal to readers. He decided to share with readers his impressions of the commercial version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

What does one of the experts say and how is Samsung Galaxy Fold trolling

His entire speech aims to convince users to abandon the purchase of such an expensive device on the eve of the start of Galaxy Fold sales in the United States. He stated that the operation of the foldable mobile phone made him nervous and was the result of an increase in his blood pressure.

And it all started with an instruction that encourages users to be as accurate as possible and to strictly observe a fairly decent list of requirements:

Do not press or apply excessive pressure to the flexible display with something sharp, including nails;
Keep away from the mobile phone keys, coins and cards;
make sure that debris, dust and moisture do not penetrate the hinge mechanism through the gaps at the ends;
Keep bank cards away from the smartphone, as there is a risk of their demagnetization.

In its message, Samsung encourages thinking and treats the Galaxy Fold as an expensive and fashionable watch, and it also recommends replacing the display after the first year of use, paying $ 150 for it.

According to the author, the South Korean giant equates his folding mobile phone with jewelry that requires careful handling. And the browser had a reasonable question, why did Samsung choose to sell the delicate and “raw” mobile phone expensively, instead of bringing it to mind?

Jeffrey A. Fowler also shot a comic clip, where he showed that users have to abandon the use of familiar things, and the Samsung Galaxy Fold should be reverently swaddled or put on a diaper so as not to harm the smartphone.

Source: washingtonpost.com

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