Well, great, another face-changing app …

The Internet was again swept by a wave of photographs of mutated faces. If you have already begun to forget FaceApp as a nightmare, then catch the new Internet trend – Gradient. Thanks to movie stars, presenters of popular TV shows and other quite influential people, the application quickly becomes incredibly popular. And his idea is extremely simple: to compare his face with his famous “double”.

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What happened to FaceApp?

The implementation of the Gradient application very much resembles the previously popular FaceApp analogue, which is famous for the realistic effect of the age change. However, since the FaceApp application was created by a group of developers from Russia, residents of many countries began to fear for the safety of personal data, which caused the popularity of the application to decline sharply. And here it is worth saying that at the moment almost nothing is known about the creators of Gradient.

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Gradient in trend

Just one publication instantly brought the Gradient application to the TOP. He made it a very popular TV presenter of the evening humor news show Jimmy Kimmel. He posted a photo in which his face was compared to Matt Damon. The whole point is that Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon jokingly are the worst enemies who constantly tinker with, deceive, act out and publicly insult each other for the amusement of the audience.

Naturally, all this is just a show and nothing more, but it’s rather comical that for Jimmy Kimmel, the Gradient application chose the photo of Matt Damon.

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How Gradient Works

However, not everyone is delighted with the application. In fact, it simply compares the face angle in your photo with other photos already in the database, then selects the most suitable (according to AI) option, which overlays translucent masks, so each time you will look like completely different dissimilar ones friend of people. But despite the fact that this application has already become another virus, one cannot but note the obvious benefit: now you can very quickly find those people whom it is high time to remove from friends.

The application is available for both iOS and Android.

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