Watch Apple Watch Series 6 will evaluate the physical and mental condition of the user (4 photos)

Sales of the latest Apple watch of the 5th series disappointed the manufacturer and were largely due to the lack of significant updates and innovations in the device. The company's engineers have taken negative lessons into account and are preparing global changes for the new Watch Series 6th series.

According to the EverythingApplePro channel, the following Apple Watch smartphones in the Health application will be equipped with tools that can assess not only the physical but also the mental state of the user.

Existing ECG sensors in modern smartwatches are able to track only physical health indicators. Apple engineers are working on the creation of sensors and applications that can evaluate the psychological health of the user.

The main indicator in assessing the mental state of a person will be the level of oxygen in the blood, monitoring of which will reveal stress, increased anxiety, or the occurrence of a panic attack.

The most significant of the introduced functions will be the possibility of timely automatic warning about the occurrence of a panic attack and issuing recommendations on how to overcome it using breathing exercises. Such a function will appear no earlier than two years later.

For the next generation, the Apple Watch Series 6 also plans a number of other updates that include sensor enhancements and support for the faster Wi-Fi 6 standard.

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