US Department of Defense wants Apple and Google to reveal personal data of users

Obsidian 4 application created by American Technologies Network Corp. (ATN), designed to improve the user experience with laser sights, such as the ATN X-Sight 4K or ThOR 4. The application works with smartphones and tablets and connects to the ATN device via Wi-Fi. The number of Obsidian 4 users in the US alone is tens of thousands of people.

US Department of Defense wants Apple and Google to disclose users' personal data - photo 1

And so, according to a Forbes post on Friday, the US Department of Defense filed a lawsuit in federal court arguing that Apple and Google should give out 10,000 names. people who are users of the Obsidian application 4. The requested data should also include phone numbers and other information identifying their identities.

Privacy activists have told Forbes that if Apple and Google share the personal data of people, including the vast majority who have nothing to do with the crimes being investigated, they will thus set a dangerous precedent.

US Department of Defense wants Apple and Google to reveal users' personal data - photo 2

Recall that the Obsidian 4 application allows you to configure / change various parameters of the ATN Smart sight mounted on a hunting rifle, as well as view images and videos stored on a microSD card.

The Department of Defense has not yet commented on its claim to Google and Apple. Companies are silent too …


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