US companies began to receive licenses to work with Huawei

Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Commerce officially announced that it had begun issuing licenses to American companies, giving them the right to work with Huawei. Who was allowed to collaborate with the Chinese tech giant is unknown. The question remains open whether Google will be able to return to a full partnership with Huawei.

US companies began to receive licenses to work with Huawei - photo 1

At the moment, the US department has received 300 applications from various companies, of which half were considered. A total of a quarter of the total number of applications was satisfied, while the rest were rejected. According to insider information, companies that supply some components for smartphones and non-electronic components received licenses.

In a statement, the U.S. Department of Commerce stated that issuing licenses covers only narrow areas of cooperation that do not threaten US national security interests and foreign policy.

US companies began to receive licenses to work with Huawei

The department resumed issuing licenses to American companies after it was decided to postpone the deadline for imposing sanctions against Huawei by another 90 days. Recall that in May of this year, a Chinese company was included in the list of those manufacturers that pose a threat to US national security and cooperation with them is possible only with its prior approval by the US authorities.


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