Twitter is coming cleaning

The social network Twitter is on the verge of global cleansing. The first steps to this have been taken. The company began to send letters to the owners of inactive accounts with a proposal to log in before December 11. If this condition is not met on time, the account will be deleted. Accounts that have been inactive for more than six months fall under the purge.

In support of the reasons for this step, Twitter refers to the desire to provide more accurate and reliable information so that people can continue to trust this network. In addition, this is how the social network wants to encourage users to log in and use Twitter, as prescribed in the inactive account policy.

Twitter is coming cleaning

The process of deleting accounts will be lengthy and time-consuming. At least the company itself says it will take several months. Therefore, do not assume that on December 12 there will be a massive exodus of accounts.

As for the accounts of deceased people, Twitter did not give a direct answer as to whether they will be deleted or saved. It was only said that at the moment they do not have a tool to perpetuate someone's memory, transferring, for example, the account to other hands. But the team is thinking about how to do this and “inherit” the account.

If you have not visited your Twitter account for a long time, but do not want to lose your account due to cleaning, then you just need to log in and then agree to the new rules and privacy policy.


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