Tim Cook: we strive to keep our product prices as low as possible

Apple products can hardly be called affordable and inexpensive. The company plays big and, as practice shows, its fans are ready to pay decent money for the “premium” device.

And the company has more than once been accused of putting an impressive margin in the price of its devices, believing that it will not be difficult for customers to find money for the right to possess prestigious equipment.

Tim Cook: we strive to keep our product prices as low as possible

If you think that Apple is asking for unreasonably much for its devices, then you are ready to fend off the head of the company, Tim Cook. So, in an interview with the German edition of Stern, he said that "we strive to set prices as low as possible." In other words, he wants to convince us that the company cares about customers and is an altruist, setting minimum prices.

In support of his words, Tim Cook cited the example of the iPhone 11, for which they requested 50 euros less than the cost of the predecessor iPhone XR. Such generosity of the company should ultimately make the new product quite popular, and she clearly hopes that she will be able to sell a record number of this model.

What do you think of the cost of Apple products? What is the best value for your smartphone? Let us know in the comments.

Source: canaltech.com.br

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