There is a market where OnePlus outperforms Samsung and Apple in smartphone sales

OnePlus continues its offensive on the Indian market. And I must say – not unsuccessfully. According to Counterpoint analysts, in the third quarter of this year, OnePlus is the leader in the premium segment in the Indian market.

Now the company controls 35% of the segment of premium devices, leaving behind Samsung (23%) and Apple (22%). According to analysts, the company owes its success to the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7T series, whose models accounted for 95% of all smartphone sales of the company.

There is a market where OnePlus outperforms Samsung and Apple in smartphone sales

At Samsung, the most popular premium device was the Galaxy Note 10, which accounted for almost half of smartphone sales with a price tag of over $ 636. Apple made sales primarily of the iPhone XR, the price tag of which was reduced in the third quarter.

Among the general trends, analysts noted an increase in sales of premium segment devices with a price tag of over $ 422 by 66%. Three companies OnePlus, Samsung and Apple control 79% of the Indian market, while a year earlier this indicator was 83%. The flagships Xiaomi and Oppo, who were able to slightly push the recognized leaders, are guilty of this.

It is worth saying that at the moment the segment of premium smartphones occupies only a small niche and it accounts for only 5% of the entire Indian mobile device market.


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