The smartphone market will again begin to grow in 2020

This statement was made in the report of the analytical company IDC, which published its forecast for next year. Experts believe that in 2019 the mobile device market will decrease by 2.2%, and in the fourth quarter smartphone shipments will decrease by 0.4% than a year earlier.

Figures and reasons for the growth of the smartphone market in 2020

The situation will smooth out by the end of this year, and the industry will continue to develop, and the supply volumes in 2020, although they will not show record figures, but all will show growth. According to analysts, next year it is expected to increase the shipment of mobile phones by 1.6%.

The smartphone market will again begin to grow in 2020

According to IDC senior analyst, one of the main reasons for the decline in smartphone sales is the trade war between the United States and China. In addition, they came to the conclusion that users increasingly prefer to abandon the frequent replacement of old devices with new ones, increasing the life of their tubes.

5G "savior"

In their study, experts say that with its growth in 2020, the smartphone market will be obliged to the increasing spread of 5G networks. So, in 2020, 5G-smartphones will account for 8.9% of all delivered devices. In quantitative terms, this is 123.5 million units.

Analysts predict a further increase in demand for 5G smartphones, and in 2023 already 28.1% of such devices will be shipped to the market.

Android dominates

Analysts also predict that Android continues to capture the global smartphone market and by the end of this year, the share of devices on the operating system from Google will be 87% compared to 85.1% a year earlier.

Unfortunately, the growth in the cost of mobile devices will continue. So, it is assumed that the average check for the purchase of a smartphone will increase by 3.2% and amount to $ 263, whereas last year this figure was $ 254.


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