The first batch of Samsung Galaxy Fold sold out

Last Friday, the folding Samsung Galaxy Fold went on sale. The first country where he appeared on store shelves was South Korea. The three largest mobile operators undertook to sell the novelty, and they offered to pay about $ 1980 for it.

According to KoreaHerald, the first batch of devices was sold out on the day sales started. How many devices were sold as part of the first wave are not reported.

The first batch of Samsung Galaxy Fold sold out

But experts say that we are talking about 1000 units of mobile phones. The devices that were purchased through retail and online stores of the South Korean giant were not taken into account.

Recall that in its homeland, Samsung plans to initially sell from 20 to 30 thousand units. And in total, the company wants to sell about 1 million Galaxy Fold worldwide.

Among those who chose to be the first to purchase Samsung Galaxy Fold, men aged 20 to 30 are predominant.

The second round of sales of a foldable smartphone in South Korea is scheduled for September 26, and pre-order acceptance starts on September 18. At the same time, the novelty should appear on the market in several European countries.


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