Technology purchased by Apple yesterday will appear in iPhones of 2020

Traditionally, Apple buys small companies with original designs, and within a year the acquisition pays off with a new feature for the iPhone. A good example: the acquisition in 2012 of a biometric company AuthenTec for $ 356 million. The following year, Touch ID (fingerprint scanner) technology was already present in the iPhone 5s. There are other examples: in April 2010, Apple acquired Siri for an unknown amount of money. A year later, the virtual voice assistant found its place in the iPhone 4s. In 2015, Apple acquired the Israeli company LinX Computational Imaging Ltd. for $ 20 million, which helped the company improve the quality of photography on the iPhone. In 2018, Apple spent an unknown amount of money on the purchase of Texture, an application developer that offered subscribers unlimited access to more than 200 digital magazines, and a few months later there was a rumor that Apple was developing the Apple News + service. Of course, the rumor was confirmed, and Apple News + was launched this year.

The new story of the acquisition of the British company Ikinema, as two drops of water is similar to previous cases. Apple has confirmed to CNBC that it bought IKinema for an unknown amount. iKinema successfully produces digital animation, and its partners and clients include Microsoft, Tencent, Intel, Nvidia, Disney, Fox, Framestore and Foundry, as well as video game developers Sony, Valve, Epic Games and Square Enix. Among the technologies created by the company, a system that turns people filmed on video into animated characters.

Technology purchased by Apple yesterday will appear in iPhones of 2020

iKinema is not the first 3D animation company Apple acquired. In 2015, technical titanium was bought by FaceShift, which developed a technology that captures human facial expressions in real time. It's not hard to guess that this technology was used by Apple to promote Animoji and Memoji.

There is no doubt that Apple plans to use IKinema technology to enhance Animoji and Memoji. Technology from the British will allow Apple to add arms and legs to animated Emoji. Apple has not developed a single game for Arcade, and as far as we know, there are no plans for this. But if that happens, IKinema technology will undoubtedly go a long way in creating some top-level effects.

But let's ask ourselves: is iKinema's acquisition justifiable in terms of the development and prospects of the multimedia market? Indeed, instead of bringing real benefits to developers of games and virtual reality applications, instead of going their own way, finding and developing new forms, in the hands of the richest Apple company, the Ikinema project will turn into a banal addition to any unnecessary function. And all this only in order to decorate the next presentation with a “trick” with Memoji, which, in fact, is just fun at one time? … In fact, Apple bought an extremely useful and very promising project to bury it in the most shameful coffin – Addition to Animiji and Memoji.


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