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Apple service repaired absolutely good MacBook Pro

Unusual situations happen even with the most highly professional companies. Apple service centers have been repairing it for a long time with its MacBook Pro 2018 by American photographer Greg Benz, who turned out...


Apple recalls old macbook pro

Apple said it was recalling old MacBook Pro notebooks that had Retina screens. The fact is that they can overheat the battery, leading to fire. The manufacturer does not specify the causes of overheating...


Twelve South hat die beste Hülle für das MacBook

Die Firma Twelve South hat eine neue Reihe von Schutzhüllen für das MacBook. Schöne Ledertasche mit einem Reißverschluss, bietet eine angenehme Kombination von Funktionen und Formen. Modell Journal ist die Fortsetzung der bekannten BookBook-Serie,...