Samsung will continue to invest in the production of LCD displays

Samsung is among those companies that are actively converting their products to OLED-matrix and investing a lot of money in the development and expansion of production of such panels. Currently, the South Korean giant dominates the OLED screen market and controls more than 90% of the organic LED display market.

But Samsung is not interested in burying the LCD segment either. The Reuters news agency announced the company's plans to invest $ 11 billion to modernize and increase the capacity of the plant for the production of modern LCD panels.

Samsung will continue to invest in the production of LCD-displays - photo 1

At the moment, Samsung does not comment on this information, but the source claims that next month it will make an official statement on this subject. Perhaps we are talking about the production of LCD-matrices, the creation of which uses a new, advanced and more promising technology.

It is interesting that not so long ago information appeared on the network that Samsung was forced to suspend the production of LCD panels due to overproduction and stocking of stocks. And all because of falling demand for such screens and fierce competition from Chinese manufacturers.

Source: reuters

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