Samsung switches to ARM architecture in Exynos chips

Nowadays, all manufacturers of hardware platforms for Android smartphones are working with ARM. To a British company, they pay money for licensing the processor and graphics components of the chips, and then gain access to the Cortex cores and Mali accelerators.

After which only processor manufacturers have the right to decide how many cores and megahertz to issue to each chip.

Samsung switches to ARM architecture in Exynos chips

There is another option to "tune" or improve the core Cortex. Samsung is among those who preferred to customize ARM cores, giving out branded Exynos M cores. According to a well-known insider, Ice Universce, the company has now decided to abandon this practice.

He claims that Samsung has dismissed the team involved in the creation of the Exynos central processor and customized cores, and in the future will switch to using the ARM architecture, in particular, it will begin to use the Cortex-A77 cores without any “tuning”.

In the field of graphics, Samsung’s affairs are not going well and in its processors, the best Mali video accelerators on the market are “blown away” for gaming performance.

But here, the South Korean giant found a solution. He agreed with AMD to help create mobile graphics using Radeon technology.


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