Samsung showed an updated interface One UI 2

Recently, the South Korean giant introduced a beta version of its One UI user interface. The update promises users improved animation, faster switching between applications and general improvements to the stability of the firmware. However, the main advantage, according to the company, will be its accessibility and understandability for a wide range of users.

Samsung showed the updated interface One UI 2 - photo 1

First, Samsung simplifies the look of the interface for the convenience of people with vision problems. Intelligent use of colors will help to distinguish between icons and images and see objects more clearly.

Samsung also wants to make using the display more convenient. Now you can adjust the color settings of the display to improve readability for users who have difficulty highlighting certain shades. In addition, the ability to increase the contrast of elements of the built-in keyboard will be added. And for a more accurate typing in a voice, the artificial intelligence of Bixby's own assistant was updated.

One UI 2 has a built-in function for translating sound into text in real time. The firmware will automatically display the contents of the call in the form of text information. Therefore, he wants to help users better understand the other party if the background noise level is too high.

Samsung showed the updated interface One UI 2 - photo 2

Samsung also notes that Bixby has proven to be very useful for children and the elderly, as these age groups are usually not technically savvy. In the future, the company intends to expand the functionality of its smart assistant. According to Yui-Suk Chang, Executive Vice President, adding new features to One UI 2 and Bixby will allow more people to use Samsung products comfortably. According to Chang, these innovations should become the head of the company's development.

One UI 2 has many subtle improvements that will help to tidy up the device’s desktop, minimize the number of bugs and improve the quality of interaction. A beta version has already been released; a stable version is expected by the end of the year.


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