Samsung reduces the number of branches and employees in China

Previously, Samsung paid a lot of attention to the Chinese market, because this is a huge audience, which is quite capable of keeping the company in the leading positions in the ranking of the largest smartphone makers.

An example of this is the recent success of Huawei, which is experiencing a decline in demand for its products around the world. But having closed the ranks, the Chinese support the domestic manufacturer, allowing him to stay on the second line of the world ranking of smartphones by the results of the third quarter of this year.

Samsung reduces the number of branches and employees in China

Alas, in China Samsung was not able to achieve great success and there is nothing to be proud of. In the end, she has to rethink her strategy and go for business restructuring in this country. The company has already covered all its plants in the Middle Kingdom, and now has set about optimizing the staff of its representative offices and branches.

So, at present, 11 branches and divisions work in China, but in the future their number will be increased to five or more than a third of the employees will be dismissed. The largest reductions will affect the sales and marketing of smartphones.

Recall that after the closure of all of its smartphone factories in China, the South Korean giant decided to transfer the assembly of 20% of its devices to Chinese ODM manufacturers. We are talking about models from the Galaxy M and Galaxy A series, and in quantitative terms it will be 60 million handsets.


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