Samsung may get a lot of ads on smartphones and tablets

Samsung is a huge corporation with various types of business, and the production of smartphones is a significant but far from the main activity. The company makes good money on components. Free money allows her to stimulate the production and sale of smartphones by dumping prices when necessary.

Samsung may get a lot of ads on smartphones and tablets

But now the market has changed and Samsung needs to withstand fierce competition from Chinese manufacturers. You need to sell a lot and for inexpensive. And here comes to the fore the profit that the South Korean giant does not want to lose.

One way out in this situation is to make money on advertising. There are reasons to believe that Samsung is considering advertising on its devices.

On October 1 of this year, the company registered the Samsung Mobile Ads trademark with the EU Intellectual Property Office. The description indicates that the trademark belongs to a class covering mobile devices, advertising services, advertising via mobile networks, software for advertisements and rental of advertising sites on sites. The description makes it clear that Samsung Mobile Ads is an advertising service aimed at integrating advertising into the company's products.

It seems that the South Korean giant will create an analogue of the Samsung Ads program, which also works on smart TVs, but in this case it will target mobile devices.

Fans of the company can only hope that Samsung will thoroughly think over the work of the advertising service and avoid Xiaomi errors in the part of intrusive advertising, as well as profess the principle of reasonable dosage and offer a mechanism to disable it.


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